Hey, lets pay attention and make our house with the most Attractive walls....

You have built your house with all your beautiful deliberations. The house has an awesome exterior and interior decor. Whosoever comes and visits, just keeps on praising everything. Just think for a while, if there are unmatching plates with absurd sizes and useless buttons.

Lolz..! No one wants to face this situation.

Attractive walls

In order to feature contour to a monochrome area, you’ll forever opt to mix a dominant color with matching objects and rough-textured textiles like white with material or beige with rosewood. To make diversity mix 2 matching colors or play with degrades of your favorite color. Moreover, we are here with full range of our superb electric products for you. We provide electric switches,sockets,switch plates,door bells, distribution boxes,ceiling lights, rechargeable lights,wall boxes,plugs and plug tops,extension cords and much more.

We can design any imaginable design of series around any specific room needs. These series can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Therefore, it is according to your requirement of the room.

This  is the basic key part of any electrical installation. Our series are designed for a wide variety of household and commercial applications.

Hero electric is able to provide practical yet cutting edge design expertise. Our designs leverage our multi-discipline capabilities and optimize solutions across services.

Welcome to our variety of plugs which include plugs, leads and plug adapters and three pin plugs. Whether you need an adaptor for holiday trip or an adaptor for something you purchase and want to use it with multiple electrical appliances. We will have something to offer you..!

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