Hero Electric ~ Achievements and Certifications


Achievements and Certifications

Hero Pak Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd.Hero Pak Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sargodha is in the process of manufacturing quality electrical accessories since 1974. Hero Electric has got many achievements and certifications including ISO certifications. It has been approved by competent authority for registration as approved manufacturer and supplier of electric accessories like sockets and switches of different shapes and capacities for the year of 2016-2017. Hero Electric has also given certification from Austria auditing and certifications authority. It has recently got license of Pakistani constructor and operator by Pakistan Engineering Council. Hero Electric has been registered with POF for electrical light fitting and fixtures.

Moreover, Hero Electric is certified by Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority. It has got membership certificate from Sargodha Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Hero Electric has been enlisted for supply of electric products by Engineer-In-Chief’s Branch.

Best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan


Electric products are our basic need. We can not think to survive without these products. To interact with such products we definitely require some type of devices. These devices include electric switches and electric sockets as the most important ones. We should always install the best electric switches and electric sockets to enjoy a safe and protected living.

Best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan

Hero Electric strives to provide the best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan. All these electric switches and electric sockets are available in different designs and color schemes to fulfill your requirements. Hero Electric has introduced various series like Floral white, floral black, edge red, edge gray, safari series, leather series, executive series, nice series, stylish series, president series, stylo series, nice series, smart series, G series and piano series.

All these series are highly demanded by clients. Each series is unique in its design. All of them are protective and easy to use with longer durability and safety. Hero Electric is also regarded as the best electric product manufacturer and supplier of Pakistan because it does not compromise on quality of electric products.

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Largest Dealer Network


Dealer Network

Dealer network of Hero Electric has a dependable range with over 2000 dealer locations throughout the Pakistan. Your nearby Hero Electric Dealer is ready to assist you with forklifts for your specific application needs, workplace and working environment. We ensure that our customers get what they are looking for within their range of time, location and price. All of our dealers are highly skillful with all the important and necessary information you need. They help you to select the products according to your choice and need. Dealers are always ready to provide you valuable suggestions.

Hero Electric dealers make customer satisfaction as their top priority. There is a strong commitment to providing quality products and services while building solid, meaningful customer partnerships as we believe in long term relationship with our clients. Our clients are very happy with all of our dealers.

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Our widely spread network

Electrical Switch Manufacturers in Pakistan

Electrical Switch Manufacturers in Pakistan

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Hero Electric is one of the big Electrical Switch Manufacturers in Pakistan. Strength of Hero Electric’s global reputation can be found in our independent network of approximately 2,000 dealers – one of the largest distribution networks in the industry. Hero’s product is sold and serviced by local, independent dealers who back each product they sell with experienced, factory-trained staff and service personnel.

For further details on our dealers network please log on to www.heroelectric.com