Light – Color Temperature, Color Accuracy, and Color Rendering Index

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Full Spectrum and Skin Tone
The impact of the total spectrum light-weight is very apparent once viewing skin tones below artificial light-weight. Note that below fluorescent light-weight, the dominant inexperienced wavelength and therefore the lack of red wavelength makes the hand look washed out and unattractive, compared to the high CRI LEDs wherever the skin appearance healthy and filled with color.

This is particularly vital once taking pictures, applying makeup, printing or painting, choosing and displaying materials and wear, or alternative things wherever color and visual charm square measure crucial.

Typical Color Temps
1000K: air mass metal
1500K: light
2200K: high metal
2700K: 60W Incandescent
3000K: 200W Incandescent
3200K: Sunset/Sunrise
3400K: wolfram grouping
4000K: commonplace Metal salt
​4200K: Typical workplace Fluorescent
5000K: Daylight White
5500K: Noontime Sunshine
5500K: Daylight Metal salt
7500K: Overcast Sky Mid-Day​
10000K: vivarium Lighting
​Color is a crucial facet to lighting. Color will improve the image of an area,. Color will improve the planning of your product. Color will produce or modification the mood of the environment. Color will have an effect on your health. Here, we have a tendency to explore the technical aspects {of light-weight|of sunshine} and therefore the ways that within which light is measured and nominal to induce the results you want.

The main topic of our concern are:
Wavelengths of actinic radiation

Wavelengths (Light Waves) of actinic radiation
Light as we all know it’s created from waves of non particulate radiation that fall among a selected vary of wavelengths or frequencies. among the slender vary of wavelengths, our eyes square measure ready to find and understand actinic radiation. non particulate radiation of out of doors the color spectrum includes extraordinarily short wavelengths that compose Gamma rays, X-Rays, and ultraviolet light Rays. On the alternative finish of the spectrum includes longer wavelengths like Infrared, Microwaves, and Radio Waves.

Power LED Bulbs

Power LED Bulbs in Pakistan

Power LED Bulbs

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting.

How LEDs are Different

LED lighting is very different from other lighting sources such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Key differences include the following:

Light Source: LEDs are the size of a fleck of pepper, and a mix of red, green, and blue LEDs is typically used to make white light.

Direction: LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. This feature makes LEDs more efficient for many uses such as recessed downlights and task lighting. With other types of lighting, the light must be reflected to the desired direction and more than half of the light may never leave the fixture.

Heat: LEDs emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat.

LED lights can be used for:
Industrial and Commercial Lighting
Kitchen Under-Cabinet Lighting
Recessed Downlights
LED Replacement Bulbs
Holiday Lights

Metal versus Plastic Switch Plates

Metal versus Plastic Switch Plates

Metal versus Plastic Switch Plates

With regards to esteem, metal light-weight switch covers have associate clear vantage. Contrasts between divider plates square measure often extraordinarily slight and by and enormous go disregarded at a typical survey separate.

Why Metal Switch Plates? Your Best Value!

Same Look • higher Quality • additional Sizes and colours • Similar value • Safe and Reliable

Plastic Wall Plates versus Metal Switch Plates – What square measure the Differences? there’s for all intents and functions no distinction between the fashionable look of plastic and metal divider plates, therefore, you’ll beyond any doubt mix and match along with your gift plastic plates. the real distinction comes by they method they wear once your time.

Completions Match Over Time

Coordinating Look whereas there square measure several switch plate producers, metal and plastic divider plates square measure for the foremost half meant to rearrange for an identical look for the duration of your home. Divider plates were ab initio invented in metal, with plastic switch plates created later to coordinate.

Plastic Covers will Crack

Wellbeing after you over-fix a screw on a plastic switch plate, the duvet will split.

For your eudaemonia, decide metal switch plates. they will not split or sever uncovering inward wiring. they’re your most robust and dependable call.

Estimation of Quality Covers

Most modest plastic plates stain once your time, therefore nonetheless getting an identical whole and magnificence will not guarantee a perfect match. what is additional, additional seasoned switch plates might never more be created as a result of ever-changing designs or generation ways.

Solidness: Metal switch plates will not split, peel or stain once your time. Moreover, sturdy metal face plates will not bow or distort once introduced.

Plastic light-weight switch spreads will twist and squeeze your electrical gadgets.

Top of the road Look: You get what you pay for! Plastic plates (like the one appeared here) scratch effectively and ingest grime, creating them additional arduous to stay crisp and clean than quality metal faceplates.

They have an elegant complete that appears shoddy, instead of metal completions, that have a sleek, semi-shine heated lacquer complete that’s ideal for each shiny silk or gleam gadgets.

With metal, you get a prime of the road look and a top quality plate which will never be supplanted.

Plastic Plates Collect dirt

Profundity: Metal divider plates square measure bring down profile than plastic wall plates that additional doubtless than not supplemental mass to assist their form. Metal spreads have sleek a slant edges that square measure calculated the space choices run out.

The thicker edges of plastic plates create to a small degree edge that gathers clean and soil on the most effective edges.

Quality Face Plates fabricated from Metal

Engaging quality: Metal switch plates have a stunner, weight and surface quality that you simply will not discover in plastics.

Sound: Metal switch plates have a robust sound to them rather than the skinny, empty, modest reverberation of plastic plates.

Best industries of Pakistan

There are various industries around the Pakistan. Industries include fabric, textile, paper, fashion, electric and electronics industries. There is scope of every industry according to its own type. The quality of ultimate product and standard of methodology used for manufacturing or processing is the key factor to rate the industry. Among the top industries of Pakistan, Hero Electric is widely known in electric industry.

Hero Electric

Hero Pak Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sargodha is in the process of manufacturing quality electrical accessories since 1974. The company’s head office is situated at Military Farm road Sargodha along with the sub offices in the other cities Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sukkur (Sind), Quetta, and Karachi. 94% Population of Pakistan is in the range of our dealer’s network comprising of more than 2000 dealers.

Hero Electric is the most competitive electric products manufacturer of Pakistan. Strength of Hero Electric’s global reputation can be found in our independent network of approximately 2,000 dealers – one of the largest distribution networks in the industry. Hero’s product is sold and serviced by local, independent dealers who back each product they sell with experienced, factory-trained staff and service personnel.

Hero Electric’s ISO certification specifies requirements for a quality management system where we need to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products that meet customer needs and applicable regulatory requirements and aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system.


Edge Gray & Edge Red Series


Modish Walls

Do you want to feel refreshed as soon as you enter you room? Ever thought to make your room eliciting admiration for others? The most modish walls comprise of brilliant wall paints, awesome matching curtains, beautiful paintings and decor elements. Every decor you do for walls is worth being noticed. Walls decor also include wall switch plates at various points of wall.

Electric Switch Plates

Switch plates are a basic necessity for everyone. No one can ignore them. The selection of electric switch plates has become a tough choice now a days as people are becoming more and more aware as well as more concerned about each and every minor aspect that can effect the beautification of their interior. Hero Electric provides you a wide range of such electric plates that you can select from.

Edge Gray & Edge Red Series

One of the most trading series of electric switches is the Edge Series. This comes in two shades, one is Gray and the other is Red named Edge Gray and Edge Red Series respectively. Edge Gray is very decent and elegant while Red is the most flourishing series along with being elegant. The complete range of products is available on the website. For Edge Gray, series click here and for Edge Red series, click here.

Our Panel Lights


Our Panel lights are super bright with LED lighting sources, aluminum frame with good heat conduction. Instant start, no flickering, no humming. Input voltage is good enough. No electric wave, Imported light diffusion material, mercury and lead free. These panel lights have high efficiency energy saving up to 60%, Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy. They have an excellent heat dissipation structure long life span; they can normally be used up to 30,000hours. our current super brightness led panel light can classified by SMD LED light sources You can choose any one kinds of light sources and size combined you satisfied products, we have been successful test, and can be safe use



100% Brand New & High Quality!
High Power, energy saving compared to traditional halogen lamps!
Shockproof and damp proof, vibration and corrosion resistance
environmentally friendly and recyclable.

With 180 degree beam angle and send out light evenly.
Downy light: can protect people’s eyes.
Aluminum alloy material: good to dissipate heat and prolong its lifespan.
Wide application range: can be installed on walls and ceilings in meeting rooms, hotels, offices, homes and so on.
Our panel lights can replace traditional LED tube lights, no need for starter, reducing the rate of failure. They turn on the light immediately, no flicker and no delay, no high-frequency noise. These lights are a must buy for all houses and offices as they are very reliable.


For further queries and details regarding our products and stores please log on to our website at


Our Colourful Night Lamps

Night Lamps

Night Lamps

Night lamps or lights are meant to give you a soft light in the room which makes you comfortable enough to sleep peacefully. There are different kinds of night lights manufactured by different companies.
At Hero Electric the night lamps are designed to offer bright illumination. Unique in its design, this night light has a function that it is switched on when there is insufficient light in the room throughout the night. It functions with an on/off manual switch. This not only saves time and electricity, but ensures efficient performance of the bulb. Safe and utilitarian, this night bulb is designed to bring convenience to your life and living space. With its unique and attractive colours, say goodbye to stubbing your foot on bed corners and study table edges. Easy to plug in, this lamp light intensity is low enough to allow you a better night’s sleep. With a 0.50W and 0.12W light that runs on a good quality frequency, this night lamp consumes only 240V of power.

Features of our Night Lamps

• Low power consumption and energy saver
• Based on light intensity
• Color: red, green, orange, blue, yellow and white
• Voltage: 240 volts
• Power: 0.5 watts & 0.12 Watts
• Warranty: 1 year

Want a better night’s sleep? It’s time for a better solution. Have a look at our collection of night lamps. To view more of our products please log on to our website at

Hero Electric at 9th Expo Pakistan

Hero Electric at 9th Expo Pakistan

Hero Electric at 9th Expo Pakistan

Expo Pakistan is the biggest trade fair. The platform of Expo Pakistan provides opportunity to showcase the largest collection of country’s Export Merchandise and Services. Foreign Buyers are invited from all over the world, to see the product potential. Held annually, this 4 day Expo Pakistan has become primary sourcing point for a large number of businesses worldwide, giving them a head start on. The success of last event in 2013 was manifested by participation of large number of local and foreign buyers who settled business deals.

Hero Electric is also proud to be part of this exhibition. We will showcase the large collection of our products. A large variety of products will be showcased on our behalf . This expo is a one stop forum for the foreign buyers to view full range of Pakistan export products and develop long term business relations for enhancing exports from Pakistan.

Hero Electric invites you to 9th EXPO PAKISTAN (February 26 – March 1st 2015), at Karachi Expo Center and provides you an opportunity to view our products. Our stall will be situated at EDB (Engineering Development Board) Hall no. 4, Stall no. 6 and the Stall size 4*3 Sq. Meters. Mr. Fiaz Mehmood (Director Marketing) Mian Javaid (Import & Export Manager) will be available there to welcome the clients and visitors. HERO Electric is displaying all of its new, existing and upcoming products portfolio in the exhibitions. To view our products online visit our website at

Wide range of series

Electric Switches

Electric Switches

There is a wide range of switchboard series which are our main product. The majority of electric switches series are built in multi sections in our well-equipped workshops, delivered to site and re-linked together by our highly trained team of engineers.

Any imaginable design of series can be achieved by us, allowing it to be designed around any specific room needs. These series can be manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors according to your requirement of the room.

This  is the basic key part of any electrical installation. Our series are designed for a wide variety of household and commercial applications.

Hero electric is able to provide practical yet cutting edge design expertise. Our designs leverage our multi-discipline capabilities and optimise solutions across services.

Features of our Electric Switches and Boards

Our clients appreciate the practical guidance we are able to provide regarding choices, costs and other issues.

  • Guaranteed safety: compliance with national and international standards
  • Simple choice: housing optimised characteristics
  • Easy to install
  • Safe use
  • control of lighting circuits – isolation

Heros product is the right choice for a standards compliant installation, at the best price.

Here, we strive for excellence in providing a prompt, courteous, efficient and cost effective service to our customers.

To veiw our variety of products please visit our website at



Hero Electric Edge Series