Executive Series


Most Wanted Electric Series

Here comes the most wanted series of Hero Electric..!! Are you fed up of your old switch and electric plates’ styles? Executive Series is specially offered for you! Executive Series is perfectly designed for both residential and commercial usage. Executive Series is the best combo of perfect blended shade which can be used with any wall paint. It looks good with both light and dark shades as well as with stylish, modern and sophisticated decor. Executive series comprises a wide range of products all look perfect in their appearance and the way they can be used for. Our customers have very positive reviews about this series and many of them recommend this series to their friends and family too.

Executive Series

Executive Series include: Bell push plate, Switch Plates (one way, two way, combo), Ph. Sockets, Light Plugs, Power Plugs and much more.. You can view them all at:


Executive Series is the evergreen series as the style its carrying is the favorite of all times. It adds a plus when it is installed because the raw material used to manufacture it, ensures the maximum flexibility to meet your requirements as per your dreams and decor taste.