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Light into the dark

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Light has always attracted people. Its actual effect remains unknown to science. One thing is clear: every life form on earth needs it. Light is a true multitalent. We have put together a compact summary of what it can do and what happens when you press a light switch.

Giver of life and more

Light is important for human, animal and plant life. Without light, all life would be threatened with extinction. Apart from this, light is important in all areas of life: at the workplace, in the living room or in public places: light – or, more precisely, lighting – presents often as a necessary prerequisite for work, and creates joy through exciting design.

Let us go ride the waves

Researchers are still not in agreement on whether light is made up of electromagnetic particles or of waves. Speaking of waves, you start thinking of the sea? That’s not all that inaccurate! Light moves like a surfer elegantly rides on the waves. No water means no waves – this is different for light. When light spreads, an electromagnetic field is produced – at least according to the theory of light particles. The electromagnetic field is produced by collisions with light – particles are broken free by the impact. This property is important for solar power generators.

Casting a shadow at light speed

Light spreads in a straight line and always originates in the light source. This may be the sun or the lamp of your luminaire. This light source produces many individual rays of light that will hit different objects: mountains, the closest house, yourself or a parasol. All of these things stop the path of the imagined light rays, which causes every object to cast a shadow when exposed to light.

Light is a true speed king: at an unimaginable 300,000 km/s, it spreads much faster than any wave in the sea. In contrast to the sea’s waves, we cannot see every wave made by light: broad, drawn-out waves and narrow waves close to each other are invisible to us. The human eye is only able to recognize a specific range of wavelengths that can be processed by the brain. More technically speaking: all light waves with a wavelength between 380 and 700 nano meters are visible to us.

Wonderful colors

Depending on wavelength, our eye will interpret different colours: low wavelengths lead us to perceive colours such as violet, blue and green. High wavelengths describe red, orange and yellow.

Interior Designing Trends 2018


Trends interior decor 2018

Each year delivers an exciting array of interior style trends to be incorporated into the house. whether or not it’s home accessories or a selected interior vogue, there’s invariably a range of trends that may be enjoyed by everybody.

Though several trends come back and go, don’t be shocked if you see some interior designs that are carried over from 2017.

From flamboyant wallpapers to dotted ceiling decoration, we’ve created a roundup of 2018’s interior style trends from those within we know.

2018 is going to be concerning something however neutral tones. Things are acquiring a daring direction. Reds, sturdy blues and vivacious greens, above all. individuals have bored with neutral, typically boring palettes.This is formally your incentive to push the boundaries of pattern and color. Whereas neutral shades ought to still structure a little of your style, in 2018 it’s like we’ll see them take far more of a background position. you’ll be able to either go huge with statement furnishings or use these shades throughout your accessories. Above all, rugs, throw pillows and blankets area unit an excellent thanks to get in on the trend while not feeling excessively committed.

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Switch – The Most Crucial Part of Today’s Lifestyle

Switch - The Most Crucial Part of Today's Lifestyle Switches in Pakistan by Hero Electric
The switch is one of the most basic yet important electrical device in the home. Although they almost all look the same once the face plate is on, they can function very differently.

Electric Switches by Hero Electric

Hero Electric has thousands of switches to meet a wide variety of design needs. We suggest that you come visit our representative, share your specific application needs, identify critical dimensions, inform us of the actual switching load (amps & volts) requirements and needs in your specific application.

Hero Electric strives to provide the best electric sockets and switches in Pakistan. All these electric switches and electric sockets are available in different designs and color schemes to fulfill your requirements. Hero Electric has introduced various series like Floral whitefloral blackedge red, edge graysafari series, golden texture series, gray texture seriesnice seriesstylish seriespresident seriesstylo seriesnice seriessmart seriesG series and piano series.

Metal versus Plastic Switch Plates

With regards to esteem, metal light-weight switch covers have associate clear vantage. Contrasts between divider plates square measure often extraordinarily slight and by and enormous go disregarded at a typical survey separate.

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Switches in Pakistan


Where to find good switches in Pakistan? Its a very common question. Many of the times we are confronted with such queries as we have already a very built house with maximum life facilities’ options. In this regard, we are left with minor detailing. The architects of Pakistan are working very hard day by day to fulfill the needs arising in the modern minds. We are continuously improving our life standards. Everyone urges to look the best. This best feeling of being the best is the best. In short, its a pretty good thing to remain updated.

Switches in Pakistan

Keeping in view, the needs of modern minds, Hero Electric is working day and night. Hero Electric is already the name of quality but still its striving for being more and more upto date. We are also sharing the knowledge on our online forums to educate people about the modern trends. The most important part of our sharing is the electric sockets and electric switches in Pakistan. As Hero Electric is the whole sale dealer, manufacturer as well as supplier of switches and sockets around the country. We are also dealing with our international clients and getting very positive reviews from all around the world.

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Innovative Home Ideas

innovative home ideas

Innovative Home Ideas

Is your house inadequately small? Do you want to convert your existing house to a much spacier house? Do you need innovative home ideas? Put your trust into modern architect designs. Now you can easily convert your existing house to a new look. Give a perfect combination of colors with a modern touch. Enjoy the new look of your living space.

The most modern trends help to provide more comfortable rather than formal interior. Like, for kitchen, its not necessary that you select a specific area or room. You can select any room and convert it into kitchen. If you like a more open kitchen with much cooking space and dining area, its better to select the large hall of your house. Likewise, if you want to have fresh space with open air cooking or bar b que plans, you can select a room that is lawn facing.

Your bedroom can also be anywhere now. Your bedroom can be near the lawn, next to kitchen, along with kitchen or with terrace opening for every bedroom.

The modern architecture allows you to move your traditional drawing room to upper storey of your house or even to basement storey. The interior of drawing rooms have also been renovated with ideas. The brand new styles for interior allows you to put the relaxing chairs and the maxi soft sofas in your guests space as well. The base of selection of allocated rooms totally depends upon your comfort and choice.

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