Leather Series

Leather ~ The Choice Of Graceful People
Leather look is the most graceful look ever. Its the choice of classic people around the globe. Keeping in view the choice of dignified people, Hero Electric has introduced the most awesome series of all times i.e The Leather Series.

Leather Series:
Hero Electric has maintained the classic texture of leather and revamped it in the form of electric product series. Switch plates, Plugs, Light Plugs, Bell Push Plates, Sockets and much more. The interior finish of the room is incomplete without the choice of suitable electric switches and electric plates. If you look around in your room/ home/ office, you would definitely urge to have the leather series for many of the interior decor ideas especially for standard finish. You can contrast this series with white, light and cool interiors too. If you want to blend the whole interior with monochromatic look, the leather series of Hero Electric is your choice at first place. Have a look of the blending interior of a superb bedroom below:


Leather series can also go with woody interiors, light and dark wood furniture furnished rooms, office and library interior. Its highly recommended to add a touch of class to your interior.