Golden Texture Series of Electric Switches and Sockets


Attention to interior decor

Hero Electric is one of the most competitive electric products provider and manufacturer of Pakistan.  All our switches and sockets are very elegant. We all have some dreams when we build our home. We want to see the perfect reflection of our dream house in it. Our choice and suggestions becomes much difficult when it comes to interior decor. Maintaining an attractive interior is on our top list. Besides, furniture, floor and ceiling, we should also pay special attention to the walls. Decorating the wall with nice paintings, soothing curtains with beautiful wall paint is a plus. Now a days, as people are becoming more and more beauty conscious, having a superb room is also becoming essential. To make your room much more elegant Hero Electric is offering its most stunning series i.e Golden series.

Golden texture  series

If the interior of your room is in light colors and you want to keep it simple and soothing, Golden texture series is the best option for you. Golden texture  series is especially selected for its elegance and grace. Golden texture  series is also recommended for offices and professional interiors. This series can be used with dark interiors as in contrast with the background and overall look.

New Arrivals

new arrivals hero electric switches and sockets in Pakistan

Hero Electric is proudly presenting the “NEW ARRIVALS” in electric sockets and switches. It already posses a great variety of electric products including electric sockets and switches. Now, it has introduced a brand new, stunning and marvelous variety.

New Arrivals

New variety is currently available in 3 colors: ash white, golden and gray color. A brand new idea in color scheme is being liked very much. The new range is having a small, decent pattern. These switches are according to latest color and texture trends. Hero Electric is looking forward to get great response from its clients. This new range can be viewed here:

Hero Electric is one of the best Electric Products manufacturer and supplier of Pakistan. It has recently got new certifications apart from continuous brilliant achievements. Hero Electric has received many positive reviews from all of its clients around the world. The research and development department of Hero Electric is very active. It is engaged in deep research. Hero Electric also gathers general point of view regarding all of its products as well. This people’s opinion helps alot to improve the current products and introduce new range of products as well. Hence, it has confidently introduced the new arrivals.