Electric Switches and Electric Sockets in Pakistan


Being the citizens of Pakistan, we have alot of luxuries and responsibilities. Pakistan is a beautiful country with many natural resources and intelligent, hard working people. There are various industries around the Pakistan. Industries include fabric, textile, paper, fashion, electric and electronics industries. There is scope of every industry according to its own type. The quality of ultimate product and standard of methodology used for manufacturing or processing is the key factor to rate the industry. Among the top industries of Pakistan, Hero Electric is widely known in electric industry for Electric Switches and Electric Sockets in Pakistan.

Electric Switches and Electric Sockets in Pakistan

It supplies the electric products at very reasonable rates. The range of products varies from electric switches, electric sockets, plug & plug tops, distribution boxes, LEDs, switches & sockets combined, door bells, circuit breakers, extension cords, electric bulb holders, wall boxes, lighting products and much more.

The company has been is the leading player in electric devices and accessories market. It has been delivering electric products in Pakistan with safety assurance since 1974 and is the Pakistan’s foremost manufacturer of electric products and solutions.

Hero Electric has introduced various series like Floral white, floral black, edge red, edge gray, safari series, leather series, executive series, nice series, stylish series, president series, stylo series, nice series, smart series, G series and piano series.

Over the years of Leadership presence, products form Hero Electric have been selected, installed and used by thousands of professional architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, electrical consultants and Home Owners.

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Gray Texture Series

gray texture series electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan

Modish Walls

Do you want to feel refreshed as soon as you enter you room? Ever thought to make your room eliciting admiration for others? The most modish walls comprise of brilliant wall paints, awesome matching curtains, beautiful paintings and decor elements. Every decor you do for walls is worth being noticed. Walls decor also include wall switch plates at various points of wall.

Gray Texture Series

Switch plates are a basic necessity for everyone. No one can ignore them. The selection of electric switch plates has become a tough choice now a days as people are becoming more and more aware as well as more concerned about each and every minor aspect that can effect the beautification of their interior. Hero Electric provides you a wide range of such electric plates that you can select from.

One of the most trading series of electric switches is the Gray Texture Series. This comes in the most wanted gray shade, with a very elegant texture. Gray Texture Series is very decent and elegant as well as it is the most flourishing series along with being elegant. The complete range of products is available on the website. For Gray Texture Series, series.

Golden Texture Series of Electric Switches and Sockets


Attention to interior decor

Hero Electric is one of the most competitive electric products provider and manufacturer of Pakistan.  All our switches and sockets are very elegant. We all have some dreams when we build our home. We want to see the perfect reflection of our dream house in it. Our choice and suggestions becomes much difficult when it comes to interior decor. Maintaining an attractive interior is on our top list. Besides, furniture, floor and ceiling, we should also pay special attention to the walls. Decorating the wall with nice paintings, soothing curtains with beautiful wall paint is a plus. Now a days, as people are becoming more and more beauty conscious, having a superb room is also becoming essential. To make your room much more elegant Hero Electric is offering its most stunning series i.e Golden series.

Golden texture  series

If the interior of your room is in light colors and you want to keep it simple and soothing, Golden texture series is the best option for you. Golden texture  series is especially selected for its elegance and grace. Golden texture  series is also recommended for offices and professional interiors. This series can be used with dark interiors as in contrast with the background and overall look.

How do electric circuits work?

electric circuits Hero Electric

Electric Circuit

An electric network is Associate in Nursing interconnection of electrical parts or a model of such Associate in Nursing interconnection, consisting of electrical parts. Associate in Nursing circuit may be a network consisting of a closed-loop system, giving a come path for the present.

How do electric circuits work?

An electric circuit is sort of a pathway made from wires that electrons will flow through battery or alternative power supply provides the force (voltage) that produces the electrons move. once the electrons get to a tool sort of a lightweight bulb, your PC, or a icebox, they offer it the ability to form it work.

The word “circuit” seems like “circle,” and a circuit must be circular to figure. The wires got to go from the ability supply to the device and back once more, so the electrons will depart and are available back.

Many circuits have a switch so they will be turned on and off. once the switch is off, it makes a niche within the circuit and also the electrons don’t seem to be ready to flow around. once the switch is turned on, it closes the gap and also the electricity is ready to maneuver and create the device work.

How to take care of electric products?

take care of electric products Hero Electric

Electric products are very useful as well as delicate and very risky devices. Its important to know that how to take care of electric products at residential or commercial level. First of all, its always advisable to use the best quality electric products. There are various electric products suppliers in Pakistan. Using good electric products minimizes care taking process.

How to take care of electric products?

Electric products should be handled with care. Save them from water although most of them are made up of water proof covering for protection. While cleaning electric devices always use moist material not too wet. Its better to use surface cleaners as they can be easily wiped off without leaving any liquid on the surface. We should keep the space clean and do regular dusting of our space. This would help having less dust on the electric devices in the space as well. We should clean the dust with dry cloth or tissue paper as well. To keep the devices new looking, we can apply suitable surface polish on them. Vinegar is a great surface cleaner and polish. We can dip a cloth slightly with vinegar and clean the required surfaces.

However, all this effort can be reduced by installing the best electric products which are more safer and reliable to use.

Best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan


Electric products are our basic need. We can not think to survive without these products. To interact with such products we definitely require some type of devices. These devices include electric switches and electric sockets as the most important ones. We should always install the best electric switches and electric sockets to enjoy a safe and protected living.

Best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan

Hero Electric strives to provide the best electric switches and electric sockets in Pakistan. All these electric switches and electric sockets are available in different designs and color schemes to fulfill your requirements. Hero Electric has introduced various series like Floral white, floral black, edge red, edge gray, safari series, leather series, executive series, nice series, stylish series, president series, stylo series, nice series, smart series, G series and piano series.

All these series are highly demanded by clients. Each series is unique in its design. All of them are protective and easy to use with longer durability and safety. Hero Electric is also regarded as the best electric product manufacturer and supplier of Pakistan because it does not compromise on quality of electric products.

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Wide range of Electrical Wall boxes

hero wall box

Electrical wall boxes are a critically important component of your home’s electrical system. We have different types of electrical boxes you find useful in the ceiling and wall lighting, ceiling fans and junction boxes. And they come in depths ranging from 1/2″ to over 3″ deep. Then there are boxes with no back that serve as depth extenders and covers with cutouts for various uses!

Electrical wall boxes can be used in many ways, such as:
• Join or splice wires together in circuits
• Mount and house connections for a lamp fixture to a wall
• Mount recessed in a wall or surface mounted
• Wired using non-metallic electrical cable or metallic conduit and wire applications.

Our Electrical Wall Boxes are designed to work with non-metallic sheathed cable. Great for light commercial and residential applications, the box is crafted with non-conductive PVC for durability and is fire rated and UL listed to help ensure safety. They are good for residential and commercial old work applications including masonry walls. They are sized for standard devices and switches.These wall boxes can adjust to any wall covering. These boxes are Ideal for various drywall thicknesses and wall finishes.

Electrical boxes enclose wire connections for applications such as a light switch, electrical outlet or light fixture. Specific boxes are designed for use indoors, outdoors, for attaching to the outside of walls, for behind walls and other applications.

In addition to enclosing wiring connections, electrical boxes:
• Provide convenient access to electrical components for regular maintenance and upgrades
• Offer protection that grounds electrically charged wires and prevent short circuits that could lead to fire.

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Rechargeable Emergency Lights


Rechargeable lighting is ideal for use on the go or in remote locations where lighting is essential and there is no access to power. Providing instant and powerful light, our rechargeable lighting is durable and reliable. We have a wide selection of rechargeable lighting which can be used for just about anything.
Our compact and ultra-lightweight rechargeable lights are perfect for industrial, domestic or professional use. Our rechargeable lights are weatherproof and built to last. Powerful LED lights allow our floodlights and searchlights to provide anti-glare, shadow free lighting for over 8 hours, making them ideal for heavy duty usage. Rechargeable lighting products are completely reliable and effective, making them the no.1 choice for lighting in many conditions.

Shopping for the “right light” can be time consuming and confusing. We’ve taken all the guess work out of finding the perfect lights, and saved you the headache of choosing the wrong one.You don’t want to buy this high power rechargeable led light if you are looking for an okay, run-of-the-mill light. You want to buy these amazing lights if you’re looking for one of the best performing most durable, brightest led lights available today.
The incredible value you get in a genuine rechargeable light means everyone can afford to own a modern High Power Light.

We also have a boayonet LED rechargeable light with remote control. It has Long life LED lights. Very Low power consumption, with super brightness. It has two main functions: Emergency illumination and normal lighting and it Lights up from 5 to 7 hours on battery, depending on the charging and usage conditions.
When the lights go out, the sleek and stylish LED Rechargeable torches that we provide come on. When the light is plugged in with the charger, it automatically turns on when the house loses power. It shines up to 145 lumens with a runtime of up to 5 hours on high and 10 hours on low.

The Emergency lights that we manufacture are with built-in long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable Lead Acid battery of high capacity LED is in advantages of energy-saving, high light, long life and high power. Both Highlight and dim light for choices. Weather-resistant construction allows you to use it outdoors too, and a large bail handle makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Customer satisfaction continues to be the key to our growth and success. Through the efforts we make, we are able to has maintained a reputation for good quality and competitive prices. Every item we sell is backed by a full guarantee – it’s our way of showing how important our customers are to us.
Our vision for the future includes strong growth as a result of our dedication to providing quality products. We will continue to develop new products as a result of innovations in lighting technology and electronics. Ultimately, we confidently look forward to a prosperous future with the customers who have supported us in the past and those we gain in the years to come.
You’ve literally got nothing to lose by trying wide range of rechargeable lights today.When you buy our lights, you’re getting the best quality for the best value, PERIOD! For any further details regarding lights you can visit our website at www.heroelectric.com

Melodious Bird Bells

Melodious Bird Bells

Melodious Bird Bells

The main purpose of doorbells is to let you know that someone is at the door but there is also an aesthetic quality that the doorbell can have when mounted on the wall. It forms a part of the home decor and can coordinate with the other pieces on the wall. If your front door is far away or even on another floor, you can still hear when someone comes by. This doorbell can simply be fitted with screws or nails. A doorbell is a great home security and safety measure. It has a Contemporary design with white finish.

Bird Bells by Hero Electric

These Bird Bells make it possible to hear visitors at the door no matter in which part of the house you are. Wired models need to be hard-wired into the house, but if you already have a door bell system, you can just swap the devices with Full 2 year Warranty.

Greet your guests with the elegant sound of a bird. It has a high quality of sound.
Hero Electric continues to do research and develop innovative new products and is the market leader in new technologies. Hero Electric is the right choice in door bells – the choice is yours.

Never miss the postman again with this cheerful sound & main powered door bell featuring a single distinct sound. Be alerted to the arrival of visitors with this Wired Bird Bell. The white contemporary cover complements any decor. You can also view our range of Wired Door Bells to suit personal preference and ease of installation on our website at www.heroelectric.com