Electric plates are a very common thing. Everyone knows about them. We can see electric switches/sockets mounted on wall in every here and there site. We never give a second thought to them. But, I think we should now re-consider those dull and un-attended switch plates. There are many types of switch wall plates in the market. They vary in size, color, shape and other factors.

Some of the electric plates have more no of switches and sockets. The combination and ratio of switches and sockets solely depend upon our need /requirement. We need different combination for different uses. Moreover, we can also see TV switches, Ph. switches, Power plugs, Bell push plates etc.

We, at Hero Electric have a lot of series. So, you may contact us for any choice. Kindly, view our website and visit the products section. There you will get to know about many styles, colors etc. Moreover, read our blogs to get the maximum information.

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