Distribution Boxes


Distribution Boxes

Distribution boxes are the most important component of electric supply system. They are also known as panelboard, breaker panel, or electric panel. It distributes electric power into subsidiary electric paths. Moreover, it provides a common closure for all circuit breakers. Distribution box can be incorporated with fuse system as well.

There is a on/off system with the main distribution box.. A 200-amp breaker is appropriate for a home upwards of 2000 square feet. Smaller buildings can use 150-amp or 100-amp, small homes and sub panels can use as little as 50-amp.

Types of distribution boxes
There are mainly two types of distribution boxes: Plastic Body and Metal Body.
Metal body distribution boxes are made up of a cabinet for switches, knobs and for various electrical components that are wired in the house’s main supply. Plastic body distribution boxes are more simpler.

Plastic Body Distribution Boxes

The best advantage that you get from plastic enclosures is that they are very cost effective. You can get a plastic enclosure for a far lesser price than a metal one. Moreover, they are more safer to use

Metal Body Distribution Boxes

These are highly recommended under environmental conditions like dust, pollution and wet weather. As plastic may melt or swell off under weather conditions. It is readily available to install. Its quality depends upon the type of metal used.

Best distribution boxes provider in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are many electric industries which are providing the good quality electric products. The best electric industry in Pakistan is Hero Electric in this regard. When it comes to distribution boxes, the both types of distribution boxes are manufactured by Hero Electric.

  1. Plastic Body Distribution Boxes
  2. Metal Body Distribution Boxes

Hero Electric has used international standards for manufacturing all of the electric products. Please visit http://www.heroelectric.com for more information.

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