Electric Extension Boards

The term “extension cord” has been in use since 1925.

Extension cords are available in various colors, lengths, thicknesses etc. Generally , the more power needed by the appliance, the thicker the cord needs to be. We can use cords in outdoors, in wet areas, around oils, or sunlight exposure for long periods. Reel is a lead that rolls up, usually into the socket end. However,  in some cases it has quite one socket thereon (often 2 or 4). Another sort is reel hangs near the plug end and permits the user to draw the cord out by grasping the socket end.

Some cords also incorporate safety features like a polarized plug and receptacle, grounded terminals, a “power-on” indicator, a fusible link, or maybe a residual-current device (also referred to as a ground-fault circuit interrupter or GFCI).

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