Our Electric Products

In this world of electronic you need to be plugged in to the outer world. But what if your socket is of foul quality and your gadget get fused due to the sole reason that you didn’t pay attention to the sockets and switches you are using in your house, office building or some other place where you spend most of your time.

Summer time is coming……

In summer time, your fan is your companion in this scorching heat; adjusting its speed becomes the vital part since it ensures that your room temperature is what you want it to be. In this world of social media, we like to keep updated with happenings of our relatives and loved ones; you get phone and internet sockets at reasonable prices. So, that Hero Electric could have a small part in your life.

We provide you with best quality electric products like T.V socket, Phone socket, simple socket, switch, fan dimmer, fuse grip, indicator and other electrical plugs. These sockets and plugs comes in different and beautiful designs, color and sizes, so that you may choose the one that is best for you house and which ensures and enhances the beauty of your house, making your house a home.

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