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Electric Plates (boards)

Life can not be thought about without electricity and so is the importance of electric products. The most tangible electric product in our life is the electric board! When you enter the room, first thing you do is to switch on the lights and/or fan, you need to watch TV or want to charge your cell phone or laptop or else you want to use other electronic product, you come into contact with electric board. We can see various electric boards across our houses, offices, malls, shops and even at public places. So, we can’t neglect the importance of electric boards in our lives.

If we come into contact with good products, we feel good. Its recommended to surround ourselves with fine products to feel refreshed and comfortable all the time. Hero Electric is engaged in the similar goal by manufacturing the best quality electric products with beautiful appearance and optimum usage.

Nice Series

Nice Series of Hero Electric is the ideal series of electric switches and electric plates(boards). All the products under this category are the one of their own type with elegant appearance to add soothing effect to you life. Nice Series is mostly suitable for the rooms with dark interior decor and light curtains. If you install the Nice Series at your shopping malls, plazas and corporate buildings/offices, it would give the marvelous effect to the overall look and decor. The light colored switches and electric plates with a very decent touch of gray contrast, adds a real soothing effect. Moreover, the manufacturing of the products meets the international standards. Installation of Hero Electric products is also very easy and the products are safe & enjoyable to use.

To view all the products of the Nice Series of Hero Electric please click here:

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