Our Panel lights are super bright with LED lighting sources, aluminum frame with good heat conduction. Instant start, no flickering, no humming. Input voltage is good enough. No electric wave, Imported light diffusion material, mercury and lead free. These panel lights have high efficiency energy saving up to 60%, Eco-friendly, energy-saving and high luminous efficacy. They have an excellent heat dissipation structure long life span; they can normally be used up to 30,000hours. our current super brightness led panel light can classified by SMD LED light sources You can choose any one kinds of light sources and size combined you satisfied products, we have been successful test, and can be safe use



100% Brand New & High Quality!
High Power, energy saving compared to traditional halogen lamps!
Shockproof and damp proof, vibration and corrosion resistance
environmentally friendly and recyclable.

With 180 degree beam angle and send out light evenly.
Downy light: can protect people’s eyes.
Aluminum alloy material: good to dissipate heat and prolong its lifespan.
Wide application range: can be installed on walls and ceilings in meeting rooms, hotels, offices, homes and so on.
Our panel lights can replace traditional LED tube lights, no need for starter, reducing the rate of failure. They turn on the light immediately, no flicker and no delay, no high-frequency noise. These lights are a must buy for all houses and offices as they are very reliable.


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