Both Safety Switches and Circuit Breakers promote safety and stop injury to you and your property. However they’re not constant factor. Sadly, there are heaps of misconceptions regarding these 2 electrical safety devices. That are inflicting heaps of confusion within the mind of individuals.

It’s necessary to grasp the variations between safety switches AND gate breakers as a result of these area unit the important electrical parts that keep your family safe. So, let’s cite these 2 electrical materials that are usually spoken interchangeably however serve fully completely different functions.

Safety Switches

Safety switches area unit a required installation in homes and offices. This device is put in within the exchange to shield you from electrocution and fires that are caused because of electrical defaults.

Circuit Breakers

Mostly we think Circuit breakers and fuses belong to the same category. They shield the electrical circuits in your homes and offices. It cuts off the facility provide once it detects high current flow or overload that will happen due to any of 3 reasons – circuit overloads, short circuits, and ground fault surges.

We can operate them manually or mechanically. The electrical fuse appearance just like a security switch, however it doesn’t shield folks from electrical shocks.

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