Why patterned switch plates are becoming a trend?

Why patterned switch plates are becoming a trend?

Hello Friends! Today we will discuss Why patterned switch plates are becoming a trend!

Each fashion has its own tenure. New trends come to market and the older ones go! This is how karma works. The class of a person can be judged by one’s lifestyle. To look classic and updated, we need to upgrade our living with the changing time. In the coming centuries, people will become conscious about every minor detail. We do not define standard of life by the major/big things we possess rather it we judge it by the smallest things.

We can recall the old big electric switch plates with round/black switches and sockets. But, now those have become obsolete. Then came the trend of plain switch plates but now patterned switch plates are becoming a trend. You can see that in the most modern malls and houses decorated by architects or interior designers have paid proper attention to switch plates. The switch plates are paid attention for:

  1. The size and no. of switches and sockets in the plate
  2. Pattern of the switch plate
  3. The combination of switch plates (Small, Medium, Large) according to the installation of switch plates at different areas of the room.
  4. The switch plates should go well with rest of the interior

Patterned Switch Plates

Hero Electric is manufacturing the special switch plates and we can guarantee that you will find the switch plates according to your requirement here. Hero Electric has introduced various series like Golden Texture SeriesGray Texture Series, Floral whitefloral blackedge red, edge graynice seriesstylish seriesstylo seriesnice seriessmart seriesG series and piano series. Each of the series is unique in its pattern, color and design.

For more information:
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