Wide range of Electrical Wall boxes

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Electrical wall boxes are a critically important component of your home’s electrical system. We have different types of electrical boxes you find useful in the ceiling and wall lighting, ceiling fans and junction boxes. And they come in depths ranging from 1/2″ to over 3″ deep. Then there are boxes with no back that serve as depth extenders and covers with cutouts for various uses!

Electrical wall boxes can be used in many ways, such as:
• Join or splice wires together in circuits
• Mount and house connections for a lamp fixture to a wall
• Mount recessed in a wall or surface mounted
• Wired using non-metallic electrical cable or metallic conduit and wire applications.

Our Electrical Wall Boxes are designed to work with non-metallic sheathed cable. Great for light commercial and residential applications, the box is crafted with non-conductive PVC for durability and is fire rated and UL listed to help ensure safety. They are good for residential and commercial old work applications including masonry walls. They are sized for standard devices and switches.These wall boxes can adjust to any wall covering. These boxes are Ideal for various drywall thicknesses and wall finishes.

Electrical boxes enclose wire connections for applications such as a light switch, electrical outlet or light fixture. Specific boxes are designed for use indoors, outdoors, for attaching to the outside of walls, for behind walls and other applications.

In addition to enclosing wiring connections, electrical boxes:
• Provide convenient access to electrical components for regular maintenance and upgrades
• Offer protection that grounds electrically charged wires and prevent short circuits that could lead to fire.

For details about our other variety of products please visit our website at www.heroelectric.com

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